Nesting Boxes



To attract a mate male Eastern Bluebirds display themselves holding a piece of nesting material. Once a female is attracted it is her who actually builds the nest.

The past century Eastern Bluebird numbers declined. This in large part is due to competition from nonnative species, the House Sparrow and Starling. However a campaign was undertaken to revive their population. The placement and  use of nesting boxes has greatly boosted the Eastern Bluebird population.


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You might enjoy putting nesting boxes on your own property. Or too come visit The Great Swamp Conservancy. They have many nesting boxes covering their lengthy trail system. Promoting the Eastern Bluebird population and giving nature enthusiasts a reason to smile.

The Eastern Bluebird is the state bird for New York and Missouri.

Images Captured April 2016



Author: gsctrailtails

Joe DuChene 57, amateur bird and nature photography

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