Change Of Seasons

The far end of the trail system goes past the end of the swamp to a higher elevation; land filled with scrublands and grasslands. It is a paradise for songbirds with food aplenty, shelter, nesting sites and nesting materials. A constant chatter is in the air through the spring and summer as song birds pair off and go about the business of starting and raising a family. 

The first time you hear the silence at summers’ end it is saddening. Many birds have flown south, and others that don’t migrate have left this prime nesting area.

Upon noticing the silence for the first time on this late summer day I was feeling a bit down. Then close to me I heard an unmistakable sound, the rapid beat of Hummingbird wings. This little girl had to have seen me, I was in the open and we were but feet apart.

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Yet she flew to a branch a mere 20 or so feet away, posed and stretched and cleaned herself directly in front of me. I appreciated this opportunity and took many photos of  this friendly bird.

The sadness I had felt was gone. Now I felt happy, even blessed to have been gifted with the hummingbird’s presence.

Nature will not only rejuvenate itself, but also the spirit.


Author: gsctrailtails

Joe DuChene 57, amateur bird and nature photography

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