Avian Sunshine (A.K.A. The Yellow Warbler)

What the following post lacks in verbiage I have tried to compensate for with image quality.

Thanks to the GSC for the numerous acres of scrubland it maintains. An environment in which many birds prefer, if not require to thrive. Their efforts are not in vain; as an example I present numerous photos of the Yellow Warbler taken this spring.

click on photos to enlarge

Yellow Warbler

 The combination of sunshine and a Yellow Warbler makes for an exciting photographic opportunity, and can be a testament to the warmth of the season.

Yellow Warbler

A season of growth and colour which seems to contrast the previous season of cold and stagnation. A season of hope.

Yellow Warbler

The beauty in these springtime scenes bestows an uplifting of spirit.

Yellow Warbler

Until we meet again.



Author: gsctrailtails

Joe DuChene 57, amateur bird and nature photography

6 thoughts on “Avian Sunshine (A.K.A. The Yellow Warbler)”

    1. Thanks Jamie! I got 3 new birds for me at Verona Beach this week. The Scarlet Tanager, the Red-eyed Vireo and the Chestnut-sided Warbler. On the down side every time I go to Verona Beach I pick Ticks off of me.


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