Beginning of the east side trail system at dawn

I am amateur nature photographer Joe DuChene and this is my personal site. The reason for this blog is to promote Canastota, New York’s Great Swamp Conservancy. Countless hours I have spent, camera in hand,  hiking the many miles of the  GSC’s east side trail system (which is across North Main Street opposite the GSC’s museum and store). The GSC’s stewardship  of the land has allowed wildlife to flourish here. My desire is that this site might enlighten some of you to what is here every day, and also to encourage you to visit the trails yourself. If not the trails, participate in one of their many events or try visiting them at http://www.greatswampconservancy.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/Great-Swamp-Conservancy-133622150006206/ to learn of the organization and their many events. Maybe too, think about volunteering or becoming a member.

at the end of the swamp looking out, October 23 2016 swamp-2884

at the end of the swamp looking in, October 23 2016 swamp-2870

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