In Appreciation

Entering a deer trail in the late spring of 2015 I encountered this beautiful Black-billed Cuckoo. Being a novice bird photographer  I was anxious for good shots and excited to shoot a species new to

Black-billed Cuckoo 1776


Fortunately  this bird showed much patience. As I fumbled with my camera, tripod, changed settings and read histograms, this bird sat and observed. It allowed me to get some good images and become more familiar with my gear. The Cuckoo was present (off and on) over the course of a few weeks,then nothing, gone, over a year now.

Exiting the main trail recently, near the entrance of the deer trail, a startled bird flies from the ground for the cover of a tree.  “Probably a Robin” I thought, as they commonly search for worms on the mowed trail. Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity I took aim in the tree. What a pleasant surprise, a Black-billed Cuckoo! In two days the image below was the best shot the bird allowed. Likely this is not the bird from last year, but then again, what if it was?

I would have liked to click off a few photos in appreciation and for old times sake. Nonetheless, a memory created over one year ago of a novice photographer and a species of bird new to him is satisfaction enough.

Black-billed Cuckoo  1977

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