Labor Day Weekend

Ecstatic would best describe my feelings on the images I captured this weekend at The Great Swamp Conservancy in Canastota New York. Saturday the Green Heron (pictured  below) spent time atop this old tree paying me little mind.

Green Heron A 4905

Sunday a pair of Green Herons were perched on tree limbs far out in the swamp.We observed each other (and I took some photos) for twenty minutes. Surprisingly one of the Herons decided to fly in my direction landing on some fallen trees a mere 60 or so feet away.

Green Heron 5481

Once he flew closer to me we enjoyed a 45 minute photo shoot. He walked and at times took brief flight to different locations in this general area (getting as close as 20 feet away). This Heron’s accommodation allowed me to get so many great shots of him in different poses and with different backgrounds. I couldn’t be happier for the way this worked out.Green Heron 5532 

The Heron pictures alone would have made this weekend’s photography sessions a success. However, there was more. As I entered the end of the swamp Saturday morning I encountered another species new to me. A Northern Harrier (hawk) this one  a juvenile (if not it is the adult female). I liked this image, a beautiful bird.Northern Harrier 4787

Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer is now coming to a close. For this amateur bird photographer it couldn’t have been better.