Pleasant Surprises

Walking the trail and coming to the end of the Swamp to my surprise I encountered a small flock of Great Egrets. A bird almost hunted to extinction in the 1800’s for their beautiful feathers.I have seen them at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge but not at The Great Swamp Conservancy. Some were flying overhead, others perched together within the swamp. I assume they are migrating, stopping here for rest and nutrition.


I didn’t get good pictures of the Great Egrets, still, it was satisfying seeing them here. Those were my thoughts while putting away photography gear. Suddenly something caught my eye, an Osprey had landed on the telephone pole nearby. Grabbing the camera from the seat of my SUV I took a few photos.

It just goes to show,  whether deep within the trail system or at the outer edges, pleasant surprises await you at The Great Swamp Conservancy’s East Side Trail System.

Images captured July 31 2016