Life Lessons


Two pictures of spotted sandpipers. The adult on the left, young on the right. Leaving the woods there was noticeable movement on the grassy trail ahead. Closest to me was an adult male Spotted Sandpiper (male Spotted Sandpipers raise the young). In front of him were (I believe) six young. The male was watching over his young as they all searched the ground for food. It was the cutest sight,seemingly marching in formation as they constantly rocked their backsides up and down ( a Spotted Sandpiper trait). Eventually I spooked the adult, he flew nearby and sounded a warning. The young spread out in different directions. I left the area quickly so the male (who loudly called out from a low perch) could regather his troops, but not before capturing a  few images. Surprisingly they were two hundred yards or so  from the edge of the swamp.

Images captured July 8 2016  (click image to enlarge)