Happy Thanksgiving

  This past weekend I encountered three Wild Turkeys on the trails. They flew off so quickly I didn’t manage to get a photo.They were surprisingly quiet upon take off. Geese and ducks are the larger birds I usually encounter and they make quite the commotion upon being scared into flight. 

   Today being our national holiday of Thanksgiving, I thought a turkey photo would be appropriate.This past March (mating season) with a few more miles to go before reaching the conservancy, these Wild Turkey were spotted in a farm field.

   Below we have a tom and two jakes displaying their tails to impress the hen(s). They were part of a much larger flock.

   In closing may we all take the time to appreciate the lives we are capable of living on this Thanksgiving. For those traveling may you do so safely. For everyone may the holiday be filled with warmth and good cheer. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wild Turkey