A Little Of This and …”Whoa”

Started out this particular morning photographing sparrows. Water levels being low offered  access to a spot at swamps edge opposite dense vegetation where many sparrows were busying themselves. It was relaxing watching them and a challenge (as always) to get a good shot.

Swamp Sparrowswamp-sparrow-5963Leaving this area I made my way to the trails on higher elevation. This land is dry and bordered by woods on the side opposite the swamp. Upon hearing the call of an unfamiliar bird I readied the camera and tripod, slowly making way to the tree from where the call came. All of a sudden, “Whoa” I wasn’t expecting this, an eight point buck stopped grazing  coming to trails edge to check me out.

White-tailed Deerwhite-tailed-deer-5879Turning the camera towards him I quickly snapped this shot,he was very close. To close for his comfort as he quickly took off.  white-tailed-deer-5880 white-tailed-deer-5882Imagine my surprise while taking these pictures another eight point buck comes into the viewfinder.white-tailed-deer-5888 Unfortunately I missed the money shot. One of the deer stood broadside  looking my way before entering the woods.I snapped a shot but it was unusable,blurry. Not the best deer photos but it’s what I got and a pretty good representation of a pleasant morning spent enjoying nature at the Great Swamp Conservancy.