Rain Shortened

Last Sunday’s birding walk was cut very short due to rain (contrary to what the weather service I use had stated). Before the rains drove me away (for the sake of my rather pricey camera and lens) I managed a couple of images.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Canada Goose

Waiting at the edge of the swamp for some ducks to travel past I noticed this Canada Goose nesting atop a beaver lodge.

Viewing the scene above a song bird could be heard close behind me. It turned out to be the first warbler sighting of the year, a Myrtle Warbler.

Myrtle Warbler

The rains arrived shortly after this photo was taken forcing me out of the trails prematurely. However I left optimistic for what this Myrtle Warbler represents to me; the start of spring/summer birding season.

Lastly here is a different version of a photo from the last post, because I rather like it.

European Starling



Yellow-rumped Warbler (female)

images captured September 24 2016

There are two subspecies of the Yellow-rumped warbler. In the east we have the Myrtle Warbler in which the female has has a whitish throat. In the western United States the subspecies is know as the Audubon’s Warbler she has a yellow throat. To learn more of the Yellow-rumped Warbler check out Cornell Universities All About Birds website.